Powertech products are type-tested and certified by authorized regulatory bodies, both within the UAE and internationally. The testing is conducted at labs and facilities in Europe that are recognized by LOVAG and guarantees the safety, functionality and durability of our products.


DEWA Approved:

  • HLDB LVAC 1600A MDBs

SEWA Approved:

  • LV Switchgear Supplier, Assembler upto 2500A
  • Service Provider For Capacitor Banks

FEWA Approved:

  • LV Switchgear Supplier & Manufacturer

EWA (Bahrain) Approved:

  • LV Switchgear & Capacitor Banks Supplier & Manufacturer

Abu Dhabi Approvals:

  • QCC Trustmark - Quality Conformity Council

Dubai Ministry of Public Works

  • Approved Supplier & Manufacturer of LV Switchgear & Capacitor Banks

ASTA & LOVAG Certifications

1600A LVAC MDB - 21145 ASTA Certificate
3200A MDB - ASTA 18180 & 18895 Certificate
2500A MDB - ASTA 19468A Certificate

1600A MDB - ASTA 19467 Certificate
1000A SMDB - ASTA 19759A Certificate
800A 12way TPN DB - ASTA 17611 Certificate

800A MCC - ASTA 18187 Certificate
630A SMDB - NEW TOP&BOTTOM - ASTA 20568 Certificate
400A SMDB - NEW TOP&BOTTOM - ASTA 20567 Certificate

250A SMDB - NEW TOP&BOTTOM - ASTA 20566 Certificate
630A SMDB - ASTA 18635 Certificate
400A SMDB - ASTA 18634 Certificate

250A SMDB - ASTA 18633 Certificate
Asta Diamond Certified
550 KVAR CAPACITOR BANK - LOVAG 1852 Certificate

450 KVAR CAPACITOR BANK - LOVAG 1639 Certificate
400A MCC - LOVAG 1641 Certificate
375 KVAR CAPACITOR BANK - LOVAG 1638 Certificate

125A SMDB - LOVAG 1640 Certificate
175 KVAR CAPACITOR BANK - LOVAG 1637 Certificate
75 KVAR CAPACITOR BANK - LOVAG 1636 Certificate

The Powertech Group is committed to excellence and exceeding the customer's needs. Therefore, Powertech operates in an Integrated Management System which has clearly defined policies with regards to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management. The management system is fully certified to ISO 9001:2015 for Quality, ISO 45001: 2015 for Health and Safety and ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental management. We are a regularly audited company by certified third-party organisations. Powertech takes pride and honour in declaring the company's commitment to satisfy their customers by providing a high-quality service as well as to provide and maintain the best working environment for our working staff.

TÜV Rheinland Certifications

ISO 9001 PTZ Certificate
ISO 45001 PTZ Certificate
ISO 14001 PET Certificate

ISO 14001 PTZ Certificate
ISO 9001 PET Certificate
ISO 9001 PTLLC Certificate

ISO 45001 PET Certificate
ISO 45001 PTLLC Certificate