Electric Vehicle Chargers

We are a supplier and installation specialist of Electric Vehicle charging stations. Our selection of a wide variety of EV Charging units, ranging from AC to DC, will satisfy users that are looking for a charging unit for a private single-family home use or for a network of public charging points. 

HOME EV Charging Stations

Clutch on to this sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to mobility.

Benefit from the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at home by having a compact electric vehicle power supply equipment installed in your garage, providing a safe method of charging your vehicle. Depending on the battery capacity of your vehicle, choose from our product range starting from 4.6kW to 22kW AC charging units. You can select from a wall-mounted display or a pedestal-fixed unit. Refer to a range of wall units available for AC charging in our product range depending on your requirement. Our wall box EV units can be integrated with your smart home system.

COMMERCIAL EV Charging Stations

As the demand for electric vehicle accelerates, the need for the infrastructure for EV owner to be able to charge their vehicles as they dine, meet or shop becomes vital for property owners, hotel operators and malls. Having EV Chargers on site adds tremendous value and credibility in customer perception of your organization. Choose from a range of DC and AC charging units. Our DC, fast charging units, are equipped with the standard connectors - CCS2 and CHAdeMO as well RFID and LED displays, smart communication and remote monitoring facilities, truly functional and user-friendly for facility management teams monitoring more than one equipment centrally. We can provide a range of options from a single charging point to multiple connectors, allowing to charge multiple vehicles at one go.

Contact us to choose from a range of safe and reliable EV Chargers and installation at your premises.